Panova Studio Legale Internazionale  is an Italian law firm with its head office in Rome (Italy).


The firm exclusively focuses its activities in the following practice areas:

·                civil and commercial law;

·                aviation law;

·                technology law;

·                foreign investments;

·                real estate law;

·                intellectual property rights;

·                litigation and arbitration.


The firm deals with consumer goods contracts, transport and building contractors in the negotiation of Italian and international contracts as well as in carrying out of their activities (sales and distribution contracts, building contracts, joint venture agreements, banking guarantees and bonds, project financing).


Our firm has also an office in Sofia (Bulgaria) which provides the legal background for the implementation of projects in Italy, Bulgaria and other states of the European Union.


Our firm has a large experience in the different practice areas mentioned hereinafter.


Business and Corporate law

·                corporate management;

·                shareholders agreements;

·                conduction of general meetings;

·                incorporations, reorganisations, mergers and acquisitions, consolidations, winding up procedures;

·                operations on share capital;

·                lease and sale of business;

·                share transfers, negotiation and pre-negotiation.


International Business Law

·                joint ventures;

·                international building contracts;

·                international contracts of sale, leasing, factoring.



Company Law


The firm acts as an agent for registration of various juristic persons in pursuant the relevant country’s legislation and regulations:


·                Registration of sole traders, trading companies and commercial groups (consortia, holdings);

·                Registration of branches and commercial representative offices of foreign juridical persons with the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry;

·                Registration of business units before Tax Authorities, National Institute of Statistics, National Social Security Institute, etc.;

·                Registration of changes in the status of juristic persons;

·                Reorganisation of trading companies (including acquisition of interests and shares, mergers and takeovers).


The firm provides legal advice to newly established trading companies with regard to the following matters:

·                Selection of a legal and organisational form of a trading company (OOD, AD, etc.);

·                Provision of constituent, organisational and commercial documentation of trading companies;

·                Selection of a bank for opening a capital raising account;

·                Consultation upon conclusion of a bank loan agreement (general conditions of the loan etc.);

·                Representation and assistance during negotiations with other traders, provision of payment documents, representation before customs and other governmental authorities;

·                Provision of legal reports and statements referring to the prospects of a future transaction.


Real Estate

In the field of real estates firm provides a full range of services to foreign clients. In this respect, the firm maintains close relations with several carefully selected reputable real estate agencies.


·                Preparation of documents for entering into deeds in respect of the sale or lease of properties;  

·                Negotiation and representation;

·                Investigation of the legal regime and possible burdens of real estate;

·                Tax advisory regarding the sale or lease of properties;

·                Obtainment of bank loans for the sale and purchase, or lease of properties;

·                Advice on mortgages.


Commercial Law  

The firm has a consolidated expertise in the draft of commercial contracts, in order to provide its clients with an effective assistance:


·                Contracts of Sale and Purchase (domestic and international);

·                Lease agreements (ordinary and financial);

·                Franchise agreements;

·                Factoring agreements;

·                Consignment agreements;

·                Commission agreements;

·                Shipping contracts;

·                Contracts of transport;

·                Contracts of distribution;

·                Trademark licensing contracts;

·                Know-how agreements;

·                Powers of attorney;

·                Proxies;

·                Contracts for award of management.


Investment Law 

The firm issues positions and assists its clients by providing legal information for the purposes of foreign investing on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, in the following forms:

·                Acquisition of real rights over immovable properties and movable properties;

·                Acquisition of a trading enterprise;

·                Investments in securities;

·                Intellectual property rights;

·                Grant of concession rights (prospecting and mining rights);

·                Management contracts;

·                Provision of reports on the legal status of companies in view of their acquisition or participation to the share capital;

·                Provision of documentation on privatisation transactions and representation before the relevant governmental and municipal bodies and institutions involved in the process if privatisation.


Intellectual property rights


The firm provides legal assistance with reference to It provides its clients with legal help in terms of origination, transformation and termination of legal relations based on the following groups of contracts:


1.       Authors’ contracts (contracts for use of works protected by copyright)

·                Contracts for public performance;

·                Contracts for performance via wireless and wire manner;

·                Contracts for transmission via cable and/or other technical means;

·                Publishing contracts;

·                Contracts for creation of audio-visual products (in view of the director, the script writer, the cameraman and the composer);

·                Contracts for reproduction and distribution of sound recordings;

·                Contracts for submission of exclusive and non-exclusive rights of use.


2.         Performance contracts (contracts connected with use of works  subject to the performing actor’s right)

·                Contracts for audio and video-recording of performances, reproduction of records on audio or video-carriers and their distribution;

·                Contracts for public performance, wireless transmission or transmission via cable or other technical means of records;

·                Contracts for the reproduction of such records to the public;

·                Contracts for the creation of audio-video products.


Administrative Law

·                Management of government contracts and concessions;

·                Development of application forms, declarations, statements, requests and other documents related to administrative proceedings and submittal before the relevant authorities and bodies;

·                Representation before State, regional, provincial, municipal and other public authorities and/or bodies in connection with the issue of administrative acts;

·                Appeals and proceeding before administrative courts against acts issued by State, regional, provincial, municipal and other public authorities and/or bodies.


General Civil Law 


With regard to its consultancy activities, the firm emphasizes its practice over the following matters:

·                Bulgarian citizenship, continuous and permanent residence of foreigners on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria;

·                Civil status of physical and juristic persons (consultation and cooperation on issues of civil status, registration of physical persons – non-profit entities and foundations);

·                Protection against inadmissible damages;

·                Transfer of ownership of immovable properties.




The firm assists and represents clients before the Italian  and Bulgarian Civil and Administrative Courts. In particular the firm provides assistance and representation to clients with reference to the following matters:


·                corporate, company and commercial controversies including the protection of shareholders rights;

·                intellectual property rights (copyright, patents, trademarks)

·                real estate;

·                commercial contracts;

·                expropriation procedures.


International Private Law 


The firm spreads its activities both over the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria and of the Republic of Italy in the sectors indicated below:


·                Provision of documents for the establishment and the registration of trading companies, non-profit juristic persons, commercial agencies and other personified and non-personified entities of foreign participation both in Bulgaria and Italy;

·                Draft of the following types of commercial transactions: sale, distribution, leasing, factoring, consignment, commission agreements, shipping contracts, contracts of transport, trademark licensing contracts, know-how agreements, merchandise control agreement and others named or unnamed agreements and unilateral commercial transactions;

·                Draft of deeds and mediation upon conclusion of deeds of international participation both in Bulgaria and Italy;

·                Legal assistance in case of illegal damages caused to Bulgarian and foreign citizens on the territories of Bulgaria and Italy;

·                Full legal services (consultation and procedural representation) of foreign physical and juristic persons, including Bulgarians, over the territory of the Republic of Italy in the following sectors of the Italian law: civil law, commercial law, company law, labour law, administrative law, tax law and civil procedure.




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